SnapChat Verification For Musicians

Service type: SnapChat Verification For Musicians

Price: $2300 (This does not include Swapd charges)

Description: Get the yellow SnapStar on your SnapChat profile to help boost your presence on the app. This also helps with discovery of your content as they will appear in the discover section of users.
Before you approach me for this service, make sure you are well established on SnapChat with a good number of subscribers or friends (at least over 30k followers), and high view rates on your content.
I will need the username, legal name and artist name in order to proceed if you are interested.

Duration: A maximum of a week.

Payment: TransferWise (Bank Wire) and BTC

I’m ready let’s work

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Great. Send me the username of the page to be verified. Can you send over some insights on the page?

Yes do you want me to PM it to you

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Yes please

It’s not letting me pm you I’m interested hmu

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Can’t pm

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What’s the process? How are you able to make this happen. Are you simply requesting it from their INTL email,

Send a DM

Can you do it if our client has verified Insta and FB but isnt a musician?

Please read the writeup

My post was written in English, wasn’t it? Others are sending DMs successfully. If they have an issue with sending DM they can contact the technical team. Peace!





I can do this for vouch