[SOLD] 131K USA Audience Humor FB Page

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 131K
Topic/Niche: Relatable/Vibe/Humor
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):


*Page was created back in 2016
*Mostly USA audience
*Page name is just one word that can be used for variety of content. Page name is 5 letters and common noun. It’s synonym for slut
*Page username has not been set yet
*Page hasn’t been posted on since 2018 until recently!

Why Am I selling this ?

I’ve retired from the influencer life so I haven’t had the chance to stay active on it since 2016! I’ve posted few times then and there the past couple years. Last time I posted on these pages were last year 2018. I don’t really have time for this page anymore should’ve sold it a long time ago, im focused on my other businesses. You can easily get this ad breaks approved if more videos are posted. I don’t want this page to completely die due to me being busy, so get it while you can.

PM your best offer and/or for link!

Hi I’ll pay 120 for your page thanks

@herbalmotivation Thank you for your offer, I’ll have to decline it (it’s well below the current high offer)

PM if you have a better offer,
Speak soon!


Hi I’ll pay 150 for your page thanks

@pedrojcruz I appreciate your offer but no thanks!

What would be the cost to you?

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Hello! Can you PM the details

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pm’d both

give me link page and price

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PM me the details of page link and last price


Thank you for using SWAPD.

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