SOLD 1k Subs Monetized Channels BIG SALE on Cheap Rates ($350)


Amount of subscribers: 1000
Country of subscribers (majority): Mixed
Topic/Niche: Mixed
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Automation

Payment method btc or Bank Wire. No Paypal.
Channels are good to start your new project from.
1k Subs Monetized with Monetization Congratulations Message on all Channels.
Channels have lesser Subs, lesser Views but fulfil YouTube Policy of 1000 Subs and 4000 Watchtime.
20 Channels available.

Inbox for more details.


Sample Screenshots:


Hey buddy! I’m really interested!




Seller delivered his first Channel. Good luck with further sales.


Real people as subscribers or SMM bots?


@Nova Inbox for more details. Thanks


Same question as Nova and can I see one of the names? There is many in stock?


Pm details intrested and curious


I maybe interested in one as well. Can you pm me the same info nova asked. Thanks


I have bought 1 channel from this seller and in process of buying another.

He is a trustworthy seller who has a great track record on Swapd and other forums. The transaction goes smoothly and I will be buying more channels with him in future!


Subs quality is low to average. But Subs will not drop.

The main thing is MONETIZATION and Price is extremely low. So, good channels to start new Projects.

Subs are only 1k so to me they are not important at all.



Can you PM one of the names?


Can you please PM the channel URL and price


Details please


Two more successful sales. The users HATE what they purchased.



Just kidding, everything went smooth :slight_smile:


I am interested please pm me details


Hi, still have some channels?

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