SOLD - Fully Automated Shopify Storefront - FITNESS - Connect with your IG / Social Media and start Selling instantly

Domain name: SOLD
Website included?: Yes
Price: 600 $


Site built around 2 months ago and not being used, domain added recently.
I’m running web design business on multiple SEO communities and thought to push some properties here.

This is a ready made and automated storefront, does not require any extra skills to run since it’s hosted on Shopify platform and is very user friendly with 24 / 7 live support option.

Storefront is completely automated, when the order comes in - The system will then forward it to the supplier and the supplier ships the package straight to your customers doorstep - You will collect the profits.

Great opportunity if you own any Fitness related pages or accounts - Site is sleek and designed nicely.


  • Unique and dedicated Shopify Storefront
  • SOLD - Business Domain
  • SOLD - Business Logos & Concepts
  • SOLD - Business Emails
  • Access to the Automated Panel System
  • Access to Suppliers data, tens of thousands of products ready for you to choose when ever you wish, importing straight to your store with 1 click
  • Products with profit margins always 100% or more, always double your income with each sale
  • System that will scrap all current market prices online, to optimize your product price, to give you an advantage and max your sales
  • Fully responsive Mobile store
  • Your own integrated payment gateways, ready to accept any payments you wish.

Other niches are available, custom orders are available. Contact if you have any requests.
All deals will happen strictly under Swapd escrow so please do not contact me and offer any discussions outside of this platform pre-sale.

Who buys within the first 48 Hours Gets free Press Release package on top of the sale - PR package includes article on FOX ABC NBC & CBS Networks.

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Can you send me info on delivery time, drop shipping, quality control etc [the nitty gritty]
Have had experience with shopify, just always sketched out at suppliers. I would be interested in this and many niches

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I would also be interested in these information. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Please send me details. Very interested. I have a lot of reach in the fitness space.

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All the details are available on this listing. It’s a fresh business made for sale, plug & play.

Shipping times can vary from country to country and from supplier to supplier, but it’s advisble to ship to U.S only - Packages arrives with or around 7 days.

Other then that it’s Oberlo supported site, means shipping and handling are automated.

I can guide the final buyer through how the whole process takes place, but I do not offer any pre-sale guidance or tutoring on dropshipping. It’s very easy and straightforward process.


Price dropped to 600 $ for 48 Hours - Will be sold on Flippa after that, no point of let it sit. :wink: