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link & pride


Followers growth of last four week (Report by hypeauditor)


Handle and price please


Handle and price please


link & price please.



These followers arent 100% real.

First image May 24 - Now 1.8 million followers, the first image got just little over 1 K likes, while first post over 7 K.

Couldn’t be anything more fake than this account.


@Internet_lord, mind if we run an audit?


OK, will do and report back. Thank you!


Please pm handle and best offer.



A D grade fails our audit, unfortunately.


The audit score doesn’t consider geolocation of the followers.


pm me price please and woman to male percentage


No, you don’t understand. The audit scripts treats users from US the same like users from (for example) India. It doesn’t factor the user geo-location into the grade, that’s not how this works.


handle and price please


handle and price


For #1 - They used the data they’ve analyzed so far, from the accounts submitted. The “global” is just a poor choice of wording. Virtually every stat platform does this, they go off the data they’ve scrapped.

For #2 - I agree to this.

For #3 - Can’t comment.

I understand your points, they’re valid. And I realize these audits aren’t always 100% correct, but the more we use them, the more reliable we find them. We also work closely with the company and the’re constantly improving the software. What difference does it make what language it was written in? Don’t understand that part of your comment. (Is it because PHP is always being laughed at by the programming community?) Anyway, as I’ve said, these audits are not always on point, that’s why we do a manual review in addition to the audits. And just looking at your account I can see that:

  1. People double post on the comments (boosting the comment section). They basically say the same thing twice.
  2. I see generic comments, signs of engagement networks.
  3. I see comments that make no sense what-so-ever, like someone posting “your so sexy” on a post featuring a mountain and a lake.
  4. The account almost has 2m followers and features the activity of an active 50k account.

My personal opinion is that this account is of poor quality, despite the large follower count it has nothing to offer.


I haven’t been active on swapd lately but god damn Internet Lord does hold up to his username. :clap:


Stop lying… this was a meme that went viral…!! I know certain sect of indians comment absurd they fall under the category of Bobs/Vegena meme… but don’t manipulate it by saying it’s the ad you posted…