[SOLD] Very Active Fan Page 552K Likes- Humor/TV Show/Comedy ( US/UK and other europe)


Property type:
Amount of fans/followers: 552K
Topic: Humor/TV Show/Comedy
Price: USD 10.000


It’s a humor TV show page that is well-known in Europe. I’ve bought it for over 2 years now and it’s still very active and potential in using it. It’s a very active page and I’ve used it for adsense clickbait and now i decided to sell out as I need urgent fund to support my other business.

Note: Page has little problem on dead business page feature on the page which I am unable to remove it and it’s there over 1 year ago without problem. So It’s not a headache or threat to you after you bought it.

I am giving you the stats on each post I made on the page recently and appreciated to give you a link to check if you are interested. A middleman will handle the buying and payment peacefully.


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I’m interested in a link. Thanks


This property is sold.