[SOLD] Youtube Channel | 90,000 Subs | 70,000,000 Views


Property Type: YouTube Channel
Total Channel Subscribers: 90,100 Subscribers
Total Video Views: 70,000,000
Topic: Movie Trailers
Price: $1700 USD

Description: The YouTube channel originally had 3 videos published to it which were scenes from the animated family movie Frozen. The videos went viral and the best performing is currently sitting at nearly 63 million views! Even though the videos were first published 3 years ago, the channel is still bringing in 2-3 million monthly video views and 3000-4000 monthly subscribers. The channel is on track to hit 100K subscribers in 2-3 months so the buyer will be able to secure the silver play button award from YouTube!

We published a new video 5 days ago to test channel activity and it got approx. 1500 views in the first 24 hours. That video is currently sitting at nearly 10,000 views and it’s going up constantly because it’s being recommended to the large sub base and to the viewers on the viral video. Whatever you post to the channel, will get views!


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Please send us YT page name and demograpics


Sent you a PM with the requested info :slight_smile:


Please PM me the info, I’m very interested.


Hello, please PM me the info, thank you.


I’ve PM’d everyone the URL and other relevant info :slight_smile:


Can you please PM me the channel? Thanks.


Sure thing!


Info please. Thanks


PM’d :slight_smile:


Can you please PM me url of the channel?


Sent :slight_smile:


Buyer has fallen through, account is still on the market, price set to $1700 :slight_smile:


Bump :smiley:


YouTube channel has been sold offsite. Admin, please lock this thread. Thanks :slight_smile:


Closing thread. Congrats on the sale