[SOLD] Youtube Channel with 95k subscribers, negotiations are welcome


Property type: Youtube Channel
Amount of fans/followers: 95k
Topic: Entertainment & Comedy & Fun
Price: 4k $
Monetization : Enabled (Connected to an Adsense Account)
There is no coyright strikes or any other restrictions on account. Completely clean channel.

Description: My channel is 2 years old and has 95k subscribers(mostly Americans) and all organic. Every month it gains 2k-3k subscribers more. Channel language is English.
I didn’t take special URL for my channel so after buying you can change it easily to whatever you name you want. This is a great opportunity for the buyer.

Negotiations are welcome if it makes sense!

Please post any questions below.


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Hi there. Can you send me the URL?




Please pm me the link


PM sent.


PM sent, please check you mailbox.


SOLD! Closing topic. Thank you for using SWAPD.