Someone took advantage of the Sarcasm ( 40M ) page getting deleted

The popular Sarcasm FB page with 40M likes was recently deleted.

A lot of new pages named “Sarcasm” was recently opened to steal Sarcasm’s audience.

A page was opened 2 days ago and it already has 30k likes and a Blue Badge!

I have no clue how he did this. any thoughts?

Experience! :smiley:

But in all seriousness, unless you invite the admin here, we can only speculate.

Really smart move but personally I wouldn’t invest in a name as generic as Sarcasm, one of the first policies could take your investment down :slight_smile:

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Any known reason why they were deleted?

Facebook is going nuts. They deleted/unpublished and disabled accounts without Reasons…

AAAAAAND, It’s gone.

Was this the one that was blue verified? If so, I saw in a FB group that someone send a Trademark Report

The verified sarcasm page was created months ago

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