SPACEX BILLBOARD [Perfect for Crypto/NFT projects]

Want to catch Elon Musk’s attention? Book the billboard right in front of SpaceX Headquarters today :fire: Perfect for crypto and NFT projects! (Can also do other categories)

Can also be used to appeal to the higher end demographic, as well as the Hispanic/Urban population of Hawthorne, CA.

Price: $4600 all inclusive (SWAPD fees on me)

Duration: 1 week (For longer campaigns DM me for a discount)

Location: Crenshaw Blvd s/o 120th St., Hawthorne, Los Angeles, California

Size: 10’ x 30’

Your ad will be played 8 seconds per minute.

Photo/video proof is included.

DM me for more details. Serious inquiries only!



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@fastlane taking NFT promotion to next level!! GLWS :100:

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Are you actually serious right now? @pkm10

@Administrators Please check the edits who had the original thread / who copied who. False claims like this should be a ban reason.

•.• :fire:

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Hawthorne :rofl: :rofl: this is amazing. It looks very urbanized now, used to be ghetto asf! If this is facing south HHR, then I’m certainly sure if this is just as bright could be seen as you are landing at LAX. This is hella close to the new SoFi stadium (latest SuperBowl) very good @Fastlane !

*landing at night

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