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Account type: Spotify account with 3 playlists
Price: $6,000

Description: These are 3 playlists in one account, combined to be around 100k followers. I make quite a lot of submissions but I just don’t have time to do it anymore.

Only gonna dm links to verified users, don’t waste your time with bad offer.

Pm me info

Removed by mod please don’t share links in public

interested, but price might be a bit high, lets negotiate. PM

Still available.

What genre are the playlists?

Hip-Hop, Sad Rap and Chill Music

Private message me the Spotify URL link please.

I am interested!


hey what playlist are you selling?

Please more info l’m interesting if it possible Links

pm link thanks

pm me

Please pm me links, very serious

Pm info

Send info please

Info please

PM me the info as soon as possible. Interested!


Please PM me with the playlist information!

Still available? Interested

Please PM Playlist information