**Service type: Spotify Playlisting

Choose Your Package:

  • Gold Package: $250 for 15-20k streams

  • Platinum Package: $770 for 50-70k streams.

  • Diamond Package $1,450 for 100k-120k streams

(Prices do not include swap’d fees)

Larger Campaigns Available Upon Request


Cutting through the noise to find the right audience for you can seem nearly impossible without the right plan. I help my clients prioritize their most urgent objectives into measurable steps to, not only accumulate growth month to month , but also identify their ideal target audience .

As a marketing social marketing expert, my attention to detail allows us to maximize our clients’ exposure and conversions, while also optimizing their budgets to stretch their dollars as much as possible.

Navigating your way to finding high-quality playlists is extremely difficult with all of the uncertainties that come from third-party playlisting. Working with thewatchtower takes away the uncertainty as we only use personally verified sources- via Chartmetric and my proprietary verification methods -to ensure your campaign experience is as optimal as possible. Please PM me to understand how I do this if you’d like to learn more!


-While you’ll receive the minimum amount of streams within the ranges above, good quality songs can expect:

  • Hundreds of song saves :white_check_mark:

    • For smaller campaigns
    • Tons of replays & placements on personal playlists
  • Thousands of song saves :white_check_mark:

    • 50k-70k stream campaigns usually reach at least 1,000 song saves for good quality songs
    • Even MORE replays & placements on personal playlists
  • An algorithmic discover weekly boost relative to the size of your campaign. It’s hard for us to tell how many streams that’ll accumulate over time outside of the guaranteed minimum. We have an $800 campaign from January that is still doing 1k-2.7k streams a day with 20,000 song saves so the potential fan conversion rate and amount of additional streams is almost immeasurable from the start of your campaign. :white_check_mark:

    • Possible Editorial Placement from Discover Weekly Push.

With my network, I’d love to help maximize the size of your current audience the right way- for example we have over 700 Verified Spotify playlists with a reach of over 50M.

Our development campaigns usually include more than just playlisting. Please PM me for help regarding Youtube or TikTok Ads + Microinfluencer campaigns.

Our submission network is built on a merit based system, so all songs must go through a pitching process before campaigns are accepted.

I look forward to working with you! :slight_smile:

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send list of playlists

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PM’d you

yes please send me a list as well of your playlist

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pm’ing you

Can I see the network ?

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pm’d you

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