Spotify Playlist Placements (15M-20M+ Monthly Streams)

I’m happy to announce and launch yet another unique service to the site. My team and I have access to around 300 Spotify playlists in house and have previously done work for some of the most prominent artists & labels globally and looking to expand our services to all musicians and managers here on SWAPD. We can deliver upwards of 15m-20m streams a month, depending on the size of the artist. All of the listeners are real and organic and are grown through Instagram and critical words. With possibly one of the biggest and lucrative networks in the industry, our prices are highly competitive, and your work will be streamed to an immense audience, helping you kick start your music career.

Most of our playlists are in the Hip Hop, Pop, TikTok/Trending genre and have access to rock, country & alternative playlists. We can cater to any client with a set budget but would preferably work with people with higher spending.

Pricing for our main packages are the following:

Duration - 2 Weeks:

  • 1 Placement = $150
  • 2-4 Placements = $125 each
  • 5 Placements = $100 each
  • 10 Placements = $75 each

Duration - 1 Month:

  • 1 Placement = $250
  • 2-4 Placements = $225 each
  • 5 Placements = $150 each
  • 10 Placements = $100 each

If you’d like to work with a certain number or wondering what we can offer with your set budget, message me, and we can work something out.

If you’re interested in our services, please send me a Private Message with the following:

Your Name:
What genre you’re interested in:
A link to your music/songs:
What is your budget?:

All payments are to be paid via Bank Wire or Bitcoin, and SWAPD fees must be covered. (Not much as I am a Diamond member).

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Can the playlists be sent to check out ?

Are the streams all real and coming from playlists only?

Replied to a few potential customers, hoping to start some tickets soon.


Can you send a sample list of playlists?

PM’d you @RyRy

Pm me playlist links for the 100k campaign

Would love to see playlist links!

Bump - please check PM

Please send more info

check pm…

Thanks to everyone who’s messaged me so far, I’ll get back to you when I can, please be patient.

Hey, I’m curious about your Spotify playlists. Any way you could promote a sports podcast on Spotify? Thanks

Hi, unfortunately not, but that’s something our team is looking into to offer sometime soon, potentially.

All updates will be posted on my listing.

First ticket opened, let’s close some more deals! :rocket:

Replied to everyone who’s inquired.

sending a DM

Let’s get some orders lined up.

Another ticket opened, let’s get some more orders lined up.

Pls send more info if possible!