Spotify Verification |Pre-verified accounts| 'This is...' Playlist

  • Verification of your account
    For this service, I’ll need access to your account and to know your e-mail address.
    Price: 200$
    Execution time: 4-7 days

  • Pre-verified account for sale
    I have pre-verified accounts for sale as well. All the details such as e-mail, password, username are changeable. Changing them doesn’t result in losing the verification mark.
    Price: 150$
    Execution time: 0-2 days

  • ‘This is…’ Official Spotify playlist
    Basic info needed (email). Having this playlist makes you visible ‘Spotify for Artists’ team; therefore you might gain entry into editorial playlists.
    Price: 150$
    Execution time: 0-2 days

Are you interested?
Send me the details regarding your case and we’ll look into it together.:handshake:

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