@SprezzoAgency Scammer

I want to warn you guys about this guy: @SprezzoAgency

We’ve been speaking on private messages here, he promised to do certain social media job for me

He was talking big, so I said hey let’s start from little and then we can get more work done for bigger payments

He asked me to send him 50$ offsite and since the fee is big on swapd for low transaction like this, I decided to work OFF SITE

We was speaking on telegram, I sent him the 50$ and he never delivered the job + deleted all our messages

I don’t care about those 50$ I just want to make sure no one will deal with this scammer here, avoid him

Money I sent him:

He’s also trying to boost his reviews just like @The-Business-Point did, by asking to review him “and he will do the same” knowing that we never dealt before


i think the whole off site thing should just be a perma ban for both. Why bite the hand that feeds you.

You as the buyer, Swapd is offering protection

Him as the seller, Swapd is offering a marketplace

■■■■ like this annoys me, floods swapd with low quality member.

Sorry to hear you got banned, but anyone who says lets go offsite :smiley: isn’t doing it for your best interest.


I was reading @The-Business-Point case, both parties dealt offsite so I thought that it’s ok here :man_shrugging:t2:

Now when admins told me this can cause perma ban, I apologized and said that I had no intention to go against the rules.

Well if I deserve ban for getting scammed for 50$ and making public community warning to warn people in here do it then :sweat_smile:

Yeah unfortunately SWAPD has pretty clear cut rules about this. When dealing off site you’re basically asking to be scammed, especially on telegram. Whole point of escrows is for the “middleman” to ensure a positive transaction. I do think you should only be able to review after a successful transaction if somehow that could be made possible so people can’t inflate their reviews.

I actually found out about swapd from a seller I didn’t know on telegram, who was trying to convince me to send him a large sum up front and was trying to use his SWAPD reviews as a vouch for his credibility. Once I checked the site out, made an account and attempted to open a ticket with him on site, he became unresponsive. Funny how that works.

Ended up finding another seller who provided the service I was looking for, fell in love with @SWAPD and we’ve been married ever since -

True story


The whole point of the thread is to warn you and others from dealing with this sketchy guy

I never cried about getting scammed, you should thank me for posting this

I appreciate the warning and I don’t like when people get scammed. But truthfully whether you warned me or not I’d never be in this situation because as soon as he said something about an off sight transaction I’d have stopped dealing with him


@SWAPD i think you should put out post approval on community warning topics.
Only approve the post if the deal was done on site.
I see people dealing offsite and then dragging the problem on swapd.


I made a buyer request, asking for an IG verification bundle.

Many people asked for my IG username to “check if they can help”
and then contacted me on Instagram to try and make a deal off site…

Don’t be stupid guys… Deal only on-site…

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They didn’t deal offsite. They were onsite, but without a checkout ticket.

Dealing offsite no matter what happened is exactly breaking of swapd rules. You might get suspended soon.
Good luck :+1:

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Then why did you create a thread here? you should post your warning in telegram groups :rofl: :rofl:


Dealt off-site, got scammed. came crying here on SWAPD about it.


You decided to deal off-site to save 10$ on your transaction and now you come back here to cry about getting scammed off-site via Telegram? :thinking:


Natural selection


not available

I’m not sure if I should feel bad for you guys or not :grinning: WTH ?!

Why would you feel bad for me if I clearly said that I made that thread to warn others and not to make you feel sorry for me

I’m actually sorry for you that you can’t read basic English and choosing to comment without even understanding the issue

Because a lot of us already know not to deal off site


what about basic understanding of how website works ? :grimacing:

thanks for giving us super useful information. lol