Starting 12.10.2020 - We will no longer confirm PayPal payments for our sellers


Starting today, we will no longer oblige our sellers and confirm blocked PayPal payments from our end. We realize this may cause some of you to get angry with us, but please listen to our side of this issue.

  • First and foremost, we waive our rights to file a dispute when we confirm payments. This is a huge issue for us, especially for transactions where the seller is new and untrusted.

  • The second issue is that even if we’re able to file a dispute, we’re generally on a losing streak because we confirm the order/service as “complete.”

  • Third, we’re getting a little fed up with new sellers who set up their 15th PayPal account under the name (for example) KEK Industries, never verify it, and then wonder PayPal won’t release them their 800 USD payment.

PayPal is a payment merchant, it almost acts like a bank. They worry about being conned too, so that’s why they hold payments for 7-21 days. Sellers need to be aware of this, and factor in the wait time into their transactions. If sellers are not OK with this, then the easiest solution is not to use PayPal for your transactions.

Fun fact, PayPal has been on a decline on SWAPD and is no longer the most preferred method of payment on our website. Currently, it only amounts to 1/4-1/5th of our payments, with TransferWise taking the lead. If you don’t want PayPal holding your funds, we suggest you switch.

Thank you for understanding.


It’s high time Users learn about crypto and switch to BTC. Most hassle free way of payment ever for both sellers and buyers :slight_smile:


I’m surprised you guys even accept it to be honest.

Why doesn’t everyone just do wire transfers out of interest?

A good majority must have access to transferwise I assume and that is not only instant to other transferwise accounts, but free.

Baffles me that anyone would consider PayPal for selling or buying when a good majority of sales here are high ticket (right?) and the fees are ridiculous (PayPal’s that is, not SWAPD)


Oh and crypto is far too volatile for my liking -
I’ve held 12BTC for years - so you can imagine that asset value over just the last 4 years has been 500% ± at times!

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@vmchris If you aren’t willing to risk holding BTC, you can always use a stablecoin like TUSD or tether

I followed the entire Tether debacle/conspiracies a while back - although I like the idea that 1 token = 1 USD, it did actually fluctuate and all that fake pumping of new tether made me suspicious.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of crypto - but I find it unusable to the trade with (and especially when we had periods of super long confirmation times - dunno what BTC runs at currently!)

N26, Revolut, Bitcoin, Transferwise :+1:
PayPal :-1:

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I think people are slowly noticing this. Hence PayPal is on the bottom of the list as far as what our buyers/sellers go with. Right now it’s TransferWise>Bank Wire> BTC> PayPal.


So, Will Swapd stop PayPal transactions? Like if any buyer want’s to pay through only PayPal then can he still do transaction through that or not?

Can still do PayPal but if PayPal hold your payment swapd won’t confirm it you will have to wait until PayPal confirm it


Don’t you think to use Paxum? It’s good alternative.

I wish Ethereum could be added as payment method. It is fast and relatively stable to BTC

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isn’t crypto more expensive to use

Paypal is trash and kinda has already been dying for the last few years. Deff better wire, or other method


Best choice!!! The PayPal struggle is real

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+1 - and cheaper fees to send aswell

Did you guys see this?


Yeah. I saw that earlier.

BTC skyrocketed just after this news :slight_smile:

They probably want to hold the private keys aswell which is wack