Stop this! ( Yes, this is clickbait )

I know no one actually cares, but I just wanted to say this -

Stop telling me or any other seller to send you the link of the property if you’re not going to respond, even if you’re not interested.

I will now stop sending links to people who I see they are repeatedly ghosting, I know it might cost me some potential buyers but I don’t care.

The mentality has to change.

I will also ban those people, I’VE THE POWERS.

Thanks and have a happy shopping.


I think most people don’t respond because the property you’ve showed them isn’t even remotely what they were looking for. Consider them the window shoppers of our industry. I don’t think there is anything you can do to change that, unfortunately. And this isn’t exclusive to SWAPD, this happens everyday on virtually all e-marketplaces.


I never bought a page here, because I could not find in my niche… But I’m always curious what pages are people selling.

I hate when people ask for link, so I don’t do it, I pay a 5$/month subscription and I can see all links . What is 5$ ??

If you don’t have 5$ to pay monthly here, how to believe you that you have the money to buy a page?!