[STORE] Cheap & Small Premium Channels for Sale

Amount of subscribers: Generally 1-20k, completely varies
Country of subscribers (majority): USA (varies, though screenshots of analytics will be below)
Topic/Niche: Shorts
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic

Description: Hi, I’m selling small & very premium YouTube channels for affordable prices. The list of screenshots below will be updated as my stock changes. Listed below will be a channel number with price along with screenshots of analytics. These channels almost all have active viewership and they are eligible to apply for monetization unless otherwise specified. Note that these channels were grown with copyright content that is largely not claimed.

Channel 1 - SOLD

Channel 2 - SOLD

Channel 3 - SOLD

Channel 4 - SOLD

Channel 5 - SOLD

Channel 6 - SOLD

Channel 7 - SOLD

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Is channel 7 still available?


Pm me all channels links please!


Handle for the first one please :slight_smile:

Do you have more channels? i’m looking to buy 100 monetized channels.

send me last channels link please


Hey i’m really interested can you please pm me the link for the last one? Thanks a lot in advance ! :slight_smile:

Can you pm the username/link of channel 1 ?

PMed you!


can i have url of channel please


I’ll buy channel 7 rn please. Thank you

Sorry, channel 7 was already sold! Let me know if you’re still interested in the others or not. :+1:

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i am looking forward to buy one aged account with discount please pm me if you can

PMed you.