Country of followers (majority): Global, but majority are from the USA
Amount of fans/followers: 10k and growing fast
Topic/Niche: Cool products/Interesting things

Description: I’m selling my organically grown subreddit with over 10,000 subscribers. Content is within the product/interesting things niche. Perfect for a marketing company, product company, agency or individual.

This could easily become a money maker through affiliate links or advertising (however the new owner would need to operate such schemes discreetly, as reddit is strict about generating money from subs on their platform).

I will only be providing the link and more information to people who are ID verified.

Send link please

PM sent.

please send link

PM sent.

What’s the number of link clicks?

What do you mean by link clicks?

Clicks to external links?

I didn’t promote anything so far, so I don’t have a number. Anyway, there are many ways you can get traffic from this subreddit:

  • Share your links as sticky post
  • Share your links in comments section
  • Share watermarked gifs or images in your subreddit
  • Share your links on subreddit sidebars

link please

PM sent.

Please send me link.

link please