Super active, 60k+ USA Top Art/Photography Fanpage (PRICE DROP)[Quick Deal]

Country of followers (majority):us: Premium USA
Amount of followers: 60k+ (62% Women)
Topic/Niche: Art, Photography
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic


β€’ The page is very Active.

β€’ Pure Art/Photography Niche, Goes smoothly with both the Niches.

β€’ Premium 60k+ audience which grows really fast,
of which 62% are Women of 18-24 age group mostly

β€’ Audience is totally reactive

β€’ Never monetized for Ad breaks but monetization status is yellow which can be restored by various methods (like Merging)

β€’ Perfect for Brands for audience targeting or enhancing brand value with higher number of followers

β€’ Can also be merged with other pages to add-on Premium Audience to the other page

Page quality is Green.
Had no violations or content removal in past.
Totally Name Changeable and Merge Available.

Serious Buyers Only.

Removed the word Premium from your title. The majority of your audience is from the US just barely, closely followed by other countries.

Nonetheless, best of luck with sales.

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Link please and expected price


Link please

@pawel1986 done


Price Dropped!

Link me these one also


I’ll get it, send me @ handle


link please, and price

Done, Sent Pm!


Still for sale!

Price Drop

Still for sale: Most competitive price