SWAPD and Assumptions and Verified Products

Recently I bought a Page here on SWAPD. I liked it so I bought it.

Then I put it on sale. After Checkout, The Buyer asked for Audit. Audit Report said in one point about Growth:
“The growth does not looks organic. The Net Likes do not interact with Total Page Likes, so it could be the sample of fake growth.”

Look at the words “COULD BE” and “LOOKS”. Are these Universal Facts? Are these not ASSUMPTIONS?
When I joined this Forum some time ago and when it was time to VERIFY myself, I faced the ASSUMPTIONS like “SEEMS”. That my FB ID doesn’t “SEEM” or “LOOK” real. Then I provided all Proofs and it became REAL and Thank God I became a VERIFIED MEMBER.

On my another Page after Check Out, the Audit Report says the following about Growth:
“There is also some odd activity pointing to fake likes. Since December 2016
almost nobody likes this site.” My Page is getting 200-300 Organic Likes per week.

As an active member of SWAPD family, I’ll humbly suggest to pay attention to this aspect of Audit Reports because it’s an issue of Sheer Frustrations for the Sellers and Buyers.

And I’ll suggest that before putting some Page or Account for Sale, SWAPD Team must Audit it first and then Display it on Page. And they can charge $5-$10 Verification Fee on every Sale from the Buyers. Verification should be Optional on Seller’s Request.

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This is ONLY to improve this FORUM and no bad feedback intended. I may be wrong in my interpretations but whatever I observed, I shared.

Hussey, I don’t fully get the point you are trying to make.

You yourself have backed out of several deals because of bad audits. So the system is also working for you. The account you mention first off, you actually refused the audit, after I mixed it up as and Instagram account and @swapd fixed it up and even asked you a second time for an audit which you refused and said everything was fine. Then you have gone to resell the page and found it had an issue. What more can we do in that situation?? You could have audited that account twice and didn’t, we can only offer your the protections, not make you take them.

On your points on language that also doesn’t make much sense. How are supposed to give you universal facts about these accounts during a 15-20 minute audit process. Faking just about any metric is incredibly easy and we do our utmost best to gain from the account owners the true history of the account. Then we use our combined market knowledge and past history of transactions to build a profile of each account and its likely position. But how can we ever speak in absolutes?? Owners often lie, and make false claims, register fakes as organic, hide cross promotion, we can never be certain about the history of an account 2 years ago, but we can look these accounts over and look for trends and flags that would cause concerns or reasons to believe there is an issue.

Both of those statements are perfectly reasonable and sum up the activity on your pages. You seem to be upset that you purchased pages without using the audit system or from elsewhere and then they failed audit when you went to sell them.

Truthfully I’m kind of stunned to see you arguing against a system that you were happy on multiple occasions saved you from purchasing weak accounts. The auditing system can and never will be perfect or absolute, but I guarantee that as an admin team we go above and beyond and argue for and against failing accounts.

In both the above instances you mention, after looking them over I 100% agree with the admin and the other information they showed in our admin group.


I favour this System 100% (and will be here for a long time) and I only backed off from ONLY ONE product after Audit Report. I have even suggested Solutions. And I hope you’ll consider my Suggestion to have an option of Verifying the Properties before putting em on Sale. Thanks

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And you may even charge $10/Sale for that as Verification Fee. Will be so easy and positive for both Buyer and Seller.

Verification would take so much time that it is not feasible to do. There really isn’t a problem until an agreement is reached. Then our protections kick in, before that we moderate a lot. Truthfully users also have their own role to do their own due diligence before even starting a check out ticket, often users don’t do that and simply use our audit system as a failsafe.

Truthfully many poor accounts sit on the site and do not find buyers because buyers are very astute and very quickly decide not to move forward.