Swapd.co banned on FB

Hi everyone,

I just realized swapd.co is banned on FB after posting a link in a private message. I realize this wasn’t very smart. Do I have to fear for my FB account for posting the link? Do you guys have any experiences with that?

Don’t worry.Nothing will happened to your account.

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SWAPD was banned nearly 6 weeks of having the site up, and we weren’t even officially open yet. Which leads me to believe that:

  1. We are being closely watched by FB.


  1. Competition is playing dirty. (Most likely)

Not only is Swapd banned, but ViralAccounts too. Yet, pages like FameSwap even have their own fanpages. I wouldn’t worry about your account, nothing will happen. And if it does, it won’t be because of that link. I shared it a bunch of times and everything was fine.

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Thank you very much for the responses. On the next morning, all fine with my account as you predicted.

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well if that is the case @Swapd send me the links of those competitors ill get them banned too :stuck_out_tongue: