Swapd Features

I believe that incorporating a calling feature into Swapd could significantly enhance the user experience. Often, a more in-depth discussion is necessary to fully understand the nuances of a potential purchase, and in some cases, visually inspecting the product can be crucial. Adding a calling or video call feature would facilitate these detailed conversations and inspections, ensuring that users can make informed decisions with confidence.

Thank you for considering my suggestion.

I agree that a call is essential on some deals and makes things easier. However, implementing a calling feature is not necessary. If they would allow such a thing, exchanging numbers would suffice. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people would take advantage of this and circumvent their system to avoid fees.


This approach could mitigate the risk of off-platform transactions while still providing the convenience and clarity that voice or video discussions offer. It’s about finding the right balance between user convenience and platform security.