Taboola Publisher Accounts Available

Account type: Taboola Publisher Account
Price for Old account: 600$

Description:I have Old Active Taboola Publisher account available for sale. So, far over 2,400 Euros have been received from Taboola. Account has been used for multiple websites. So, if you want to add your own domains in Taboola I will also assist in this as well.

This account can be used as Advertiser as well. So, all Taboola Publishers account are by default active for advertising . If you want to advertise on Taboola then this is best choice for you.

New Account Approval Service

Price: 999$

This is already approved account so, if you want fresh account approved on your new domain I will also provide my service for that as well.

New account Approval take around 1 to 3 week, Our requirements for new account approval is very simple. We will need direct login details of your website if you don’t want to give us for any reason then we will ask for some changes and you must have to be active and comply with it during the approval time.

  • Unique Domain
  • Login Details

Payment Methods

I accept multiple Payment method Including BTC, Transferwise and Bank. All the transaction must be made through Swapd for the security of seller and Buyer.

Isn’t every account has a domain linked to it? which means I can’t add my own domain if I purchase this from you.
Also, why only 2.4k with 88k clicks? What is the audience?


Nope, you can add as many domains as you want this service will be also included in this offer. This account is used for low tier countries like India, Malaysia, Philippines where we get the lowest CPC rates. This is why 2,4K on 88K clicks.

is this still available?

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I want to approve taboola on my website
how much you charge
and what is your payment method

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Come to PM.

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