Telegram channel Verification Service No requirements 3k

You don’t need to be verified anywhere!!!
Anyone else will require your verified on 2 social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook to get the job done.

I can verify ANY COUNTRY. Aslong as the telegram channel is in English writing


Turn around time 30 days

Guaranteed or your money back + plus $50 inconvenience apology fee

NO REQUIREMENTS can still get it done for 3k

let me know if need one from scratch in your desired name zero members.

• Are u verified on any social medias ?

• verified on 0 social medias

• verified on 1 social media

• Verified on 2 social medias

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Can this be for my personal telegram ?

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whats the price ???

i am interested !!!

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No I don’t think they allow a badge on the personal telegram. U have to create a channel

First case I’ll do $2,000 normally 3k I put price on the header

you said on someone else thread you will do in $1K + Fee

How about the TAT ?

i can go immediately with ticket now ….

Yes I was selling the method for 1k then everyone said why don’t u just open a thread and do it so I said alright fine I’ll show u how easy it can be done. Turn around time for first time will be 4 weeks so I can iron out everything

Or I can sell u the method for 1k since u saw my comment

I can confirm I did it for myself and my girl. I can reveal the secret for 1k or do it for 1k :fire: + fees

That was your comment!!!

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No no no no no, we wants to see it at 1K. 3K is very high price. We can’t let you become billionaire in very short time Lmao

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Send me link I’ll see if it’s an easy case.

Can you verify crypto channels & groups with this method ?

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Yes I can

Check DM

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Check dm!

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