Telegram verification - easy and fast!


What Is This Service?

This service is strictly for telegram verification! I will only be assisting with the accounts that I have mentioned

Process / Timeframe:

The process is very simple, you provide the required information and I submit the request. It takes 1-4 weeks maximum. Typically it is less than 2 weeks, although due to some errors and limited telegram reviewers it may take longer.

Information Needed:

  1. Any 2 of the following: TikTok, Twitter, IG, FB, YouTube.
  2. Wikipedia page – It should satisfy Wikipedia notability guidelines.

How Much Is This Service ?

The price will vary for each account, based on the information you’ve provided me. The MINIMUM fee will start at $1,000 and a maximum of $1,500, this is firm and not up for negotiation.

Any question which is not:

connected to my topic will be rejected, please only interested users send me a dm. I’d be happy to help you! Send me a dm and I will review it once I’m active!



Thank you.

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Nice! :v::fire::fire:

Thank you!

Can you do individual accounts or is this only for channels?

Yes, I can do.

I will pay 5000$ if you can verify my channel without me having any other verified SM

These need to be verified, right?

Unfortunately, not possible.

Any two of them.

twitter blue verification will works?

Do you mean the $8 badge? If so, then no.

haha, thank you!

It’s all my pleasure✌️

GLWS mate :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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Hey Vibe, do you need access and it is only for grps and channels is that right?

If I buy verified YT on my name

  • FB page on my name

On swapd

Can I use these two + your service to verify telegram channel on my name ?


We have to check your verified accounts and I doubt it’s a good idea to do.


Currently, accepting only channels and yes, we need access. That’s why I’ve taken down this topic for a while. Need to test multiple channels.