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Hi everyone, Today I bring to you the FIRST EVER iMessage verification service. This is only for Businesses and not personal at the moment. With this service your business will have a verification badge that gives customers more trust as well as separates you from competition. The badge will show up in the customers text threads, while messaging, as well as selecting the business contact card.


  • Preset Replies - Gives a quick and easy way for the client to make a message choice. You have the option to have between 2-5 customizable choices.

  • Multi Sales Channel - When a customer sends a message, the message will go to your sales channel. Every sales member has the option to view or respond.

  • Website Redirect - Instead of filling out a contact form, bring your customers directly to chat with you or your sales team with website redirect. We will embed this on your website or give you instructions for your webmaster.

  • Social Media - Provide a direct and easy way for customer to contact you via verified iMessage.

  • Verified QR Code - Customers now simply scan and be directed straight to iMessage to start the conversation.

More Features Not mentioned!

Price: 10,000 + Swapd Fees

Will Discount first ticket

Turn around time: 30 - 45 Days but often much sooner

Payment methods: Bank wire, USDT, TransferWise


What is the difference between this and applying with Apple for free?

Same reason why people pay for an instagram verification service then apply on Instagram for free


Ah, I didn’t know iMessage verification was super hard from my experience

Good luck with sale :fire:

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Diamond seller with impeccable track record.
Have availability to start more tickets :slight_smile:



Still delivering :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you share some in-app screenshots :slight_smile:

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Yes. What would you like to see exactly

Curious how it looks like

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Sent :slightly_smiling_face:

Offering slight discount for next order :slight_smile: