The BEST TikTok @'s EVER

Hey Swapd ,

Now that TikTok has officially been sold, I am selling some of the BEST TikTok @'s you will ever find, these handles are all one of a kind and amazing for starting a brand or business behind it.

I am accepting BTC / Bank Wire for any of these handles. The BIN prices on these are not firm, but do not lowball or I will NOT answer your inquiry.

All the handles are secured with OG email and have been acquired legitimately ( Not stolen or trademarked illegitimately. )


  1. @a** - :art: ( 3 letter handle with 98 billion hashtags. ) $12k BIN price.
  2. @d** - " Do it yourself " ( Abbreviation , 3 letter. ) $10k BIN price.
  3. @v**** - " That video went V****! " ( 120k follower meme page. ) $15k BIN price.
  4. @ha** - :joy: ( 4 letter word when you laugh. ) $6k BIN price.
  5. @ent********* ( Word for someone who owns their own business. ) $10k BIN price.
  6. @vi**** ( The recording, reproducing, of moving visual images. ) $10k BIN price.
  7. @f**** ( Someone who messes up on something or f**** their test. ) $10k BIN price.

I additionally have 8 other INSANE handles, and will send them via PM if requested. These are the BEST onsite and nobody can compete with this list.

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@Swapd please mark premium or spotlight. These are literally the best handles on swapd.

On a (possibly) dying platform. No thanks.


It was just purchased a day ago.

Sorry about my last reply, it may have been a little snappy. It’s just that we don’t usually like getting asked for premium/spotlight. We review every single listing, if it deserves it, we will give the badge. I am a little iffy on giving premium anything for TikToks until we see what happens with the company.


I still couldn’t sell the Tiktok OG username I bought for even half of what I paid for. It’s probably going in the books with @RandyMarsh’ GTA account. Problematic.

Tiktok was purchased a day ago.

It wasn’t sold, they have just reached an agreement with Oracle to be their partner.


Which means its safe in the U.S now.