The Crappy Network with its endless bugs

Today my Facebook page reach instantly dropped 100%. I did not posted anything spammy or ineligible content from its creating.

Suddenly, I’ve got this message and I did not make any changes to the page, neither some request for a name change.
I am in this business for 3 years, and this will be the last page that I grew up organically and the reach on links and videos/photos was blooming until today when I got this message.
This is the last page I’ll invest time and energy and I’ll update you if anything changes.
Also, did any of you guys experienced some crazy stuff like this?
I think Facebook pushed so hard the organic publishers to give a penny, so this network will become the biggest brainwash industry (with useless content) on the internet.
Anyway, my conclusion: black hat > white hat.

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This may be a bug though, it’s super odd.

Hey Healthzor, have you tried to appeal it? It’s probably a bug if you haven’t tried to change the page name.

Yeah, when I click on the appeal button, it redirects me to a blank page. Other admins tried, the same result. I was looking for some contact form, but I can reach only “report a bug” section, which no one replies.
Its a total mess in FB this year, they dont give a fu$k about publishers…

Yep, they don’t care one bit. I have an admin friend who had the same issue as you except his reach was ok. He appealed it but heard nothing back. This was a couple of months ago and he still has a notification box at the top of his page. I hope they sort it out for you fella.