The Domain Game

I am planning to put some hands in the domain, can anyone explain how to, where to and how much?

If you’re looking to start domaining, is a good forum to start.

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Does Domain like hold any value? Godaddy estimator says 919$

GoDaddy estimator is so bad we’ve banned its estimations from our site. Don’t go by it.
As far as the domain, I would say no. But I would ask @Posad as he knows more about domains than I do.

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Sure! Just one last question what kind of domain holds max value ? Like in Instagram pages US audience with business niche holds great value! What about domains ? And can we buy expired domains ? Any problem ?

Short, one-word domains (especially .com’s) are the creme of the crop. You can purchase expired domains, no problem. The problem is 100000’s of other users also try to purchase expired domains.

Ohh! And if i want start of with like $200 or so what should i go for

You seem to want to be spoonfed by a guy who doesn’t know much. This is all I can help you with.

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First of all, don’t look at Godaddy’s valuation tool or Estibot as a source to know how much a certain domain is worth, because it’s always wrong.
Highfamemedia for example does not worth anything.

I highly recommend signing up for, it is the largest source of information for buying and selling domains out there. Start browsing there, look at past sales there that people share and also look at
There are a lot of guides there as well to help you as a beginner.

There isn’t a certain niche that worth more than the others. You can profit a lot in every niche if you have the right domain. Just need to be patient and buy domains you truly believe worth the money and can sell for a good profit. Look at Godaddy expired auctions and Dynadot expired auctions daily to pick up gems.

Be careful as auctions are very dangerous, you can get carried away while bidding and overpay. Give yourself a maximum amount you are willing to pay for that domain you are bidding on and don’t cross that, because if you do, you will lose control and later you will regret it. It happened to me at the start and it happens to almost everyone.

Also, don’t expect to sell a domain in a month, the average is a 1.5-2% sell-through rate for good domains that are reasonably priced. So if you have 100 quality domains, expect to sell 1 or 2 domains a year. of course, it can be lower than that or even higher than that, but that’s the average. This is why it’s important to only get high-quality domains, You can also use to know how many domains are registered for a keyword. let’s say you see “” and you want to know if there is a demand for that keyword, just write “wassup” there and you’ll see how many tlds are registered. for this one - wassup is registered in 73 different extensions.

Here you can read about my experience this year in regards to buying and selling domains and an example of some of the domains I sold

Just FYI, you’re probably gonna make some mistakes and buy useless domains at the start, but that’s how you learn.


@Posad thanks a lot buddy​:innocent::innocent: