This started as great forum! any update on facebook shows creation

When i joined this site, i found out that people are sharing really really useful information but with time it has only become buying selling platform, which has really reduced its value.
I wish admin does something about it and encourages people to ask questions and then also encourages other memebers to reply if they can help.
My question is regarding facebook watch shows. Is there any update about it? or the requirements to avail it?

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We’re planning to open new sections, but they will be locked from the front page, so they will receive the same lack of attention as our current sections (like this ChitChat section). Also, we want to be a marketplace, and not a regular forum. That’s the whole point. There are 1000’s of other forums filled with content you seek.

As far as your question about the watch shows, it is pretty broad. Can you be more specific as in what you’re inquiring about?

Ok thats fine then. But still i think it would be great if it keeps serving the forum function too.
I am enquiring about creating facebook watch shows. As its believed the get more engagement.
I have facebook page with ad breaks and i will like to create a facebook watch channel