Threads App - Facebook's new idea for a Twitter rival is set to launch on Thursday!

App is kinda ass ngl

And the interface is a joke. It’s like they just copied and pasted Instagram. And there’s no chat feature.

This is likely the first social media platform that Mark developed from the ground up after Facebook. He obtained every other platform by purchasing them.

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Oh good to know, didn’t find the option to when I checked

About this new app “Threads”, Meta (Facebook) can pull all of your data anytime (if they don’t already) just like they did with Facebook LOL

You are correct, there is no such option, you just gotta log out, go to Instagram and click the threads option from a new account all over again.

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I’m working on a social media app at the moment, and Zuck having no hesitation to copy whatever app is trending at the moment, is keeping me from publishing it

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I was prisoner no. #6050

What was yours?

Apparently it, shows on your profile on IG. Just above your Bio.

No there is.

@pitbull Just log out and then click on Switch accounts. And just tap on it. No need to go to IG.

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Building followers on threads will be easier than on IG. I think a good strategy would be:

Building thread page up > Forwarding followers to your Ig.

The ALG makes it very easy to build engagement.

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the hashtags aren’t even working yet, how do you know how the algo works already haha

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Because they want to be better than Twitter.


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Hope y’all good here?

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