Tik tok 643k 3.6M like America, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil

Country of followers (majority): Mexico.Argentina and Brazil
Amount of fans/followers: 643k
Topic/Niche: pet/animal
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): No Indian fans.
On average, there are 1M broadcasts every day. 10K fans increase every day, you can directly bind your mailbox or bind your phone number
I have opened a channel for cooperation with advertisers, you can directly receive advertiser funding
The account reached 643K followers in only 45 days
If you want to develop marketing business or brand promotion on tiktok, this may be a good choice. If necessary, please PM me and bring a quote


Handle please?

Handle please

Now there are 652K fans

Username. Thanks

Fans grew to 665k

Fans grew to 687K

Send me the price please

handle, please. Thanks

Fans grew to 700K

Hanlde pls




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