Tik Tok Verification

Tik Tok Verifications

Requirements -

Must be a public figure, entertainment brand or a sports personality
Must be verified on another platform (Ideally Facebook or IG)

Please send me the account handle and where the account is based and I’ll tell you if doable.

Timeframe - Can vary from 2 days to 10 days
Price - $1000 + swapd fees


Submitting a batch tomorrow so hit me up today

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Taking new orders!

Message me with requests, UK accounts going through quickly, US slow at the minute.

Ticket completed within 2 hours!


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Taking orders again, UK or EU accounts currently



Space for an EU account today!

I have a usa client verified on twit. Can you maybe create an account in eu and verify it under my clients name? Or, use a vpn on his existing tiktok account to verify?