TIK TOK viral campaigns great for crypto and music

What We Do: The goal for every Tik Tok music campaign we run is to make the song we are

promoting go as viral as possible on the Tik Tok platform, so that as many regular users, as well

as large influencers use the song to create content with. Also of importance, we work hard to

inject the song into the ethos of the Tik Tok community in a way that makes the song’s virality

seem natural and not “planted” by a record label.

How Virality is Measured: On the Tik Tok platform, virality of a song, or “sound” as it is

referred to on Tik Tok, is measured by how many videos are made to the artist’s sound. The more

videos made to a sound, the more viral it goes because everytime another person posts a video to

that sound, their entire following hears the song and if they like it, they are inclined to make a

video to it. This is how sounds grow exponentially.

Why Going Viral on Tik Tok is Important: There is a direct correlation between a large

amount of videos being made to a song on Tik Tok and those videos translating directly to

streams on major music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Let’s take “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion, which was one of, if not the biggest song to blow

up on Tik Tok. “Savage” has a whopping 20 Million+ videos made to it on Tik Tok. It’s easy to

see that her team probably invested $100,000+ into that campaign based on the influencers she

used, which seems like a lot, however it was an investment well made because she has gotten

hundreds of Millions of streams between Spotify, Apple Music, etc. AND this song hit the #1

position on the Billboard Top 100 Charts. I am confident the success of this song is directly

related to her campaign for the song that started on Tik Tok. And you don’t even need to hit 20

Million videos, that’s an outlier, songs with hundreds of thousands of videos made on Tok Tik

can still get tens of millions of streams on DSP’s.

Why Tik Tok Influencers are Important: Influencers are important for these campaigns

because as their name suggests, they can influence others to make videos to your artist’s song.

Almost all trends start from influencers, people with over 100,000 Followers, who post these

songs and make entertaining videos to the song. If enough influencers make videos to a sound,

the song is primed to go viral. Influencers make these songs go viral by creating a trend.

“Trend” & Development Strategy: A “trend” is when you use the artist’s song in a unique and

intriguing way, which entices others to make a similar video. A “trend” can be a dance to the

song that people learn, it could be using the song’s lyrics in a comical way in the video, etc.

For every song campaign we take that doesn’t already have a “trend,” my team and I create one.

We do this by brainstorming with some of the top influencers and testing out these trends with

them until we have one that we’re confident will give the song it’s best chance to go viral.

Packages: We are able to create personalized Tik Tok campaign packages of any size and get a

song up to 300 Million+ reach with no problem. We have managed budgets of $50,000+ on just

one Song Campaign. Below are our starter campaigns for the lowest price point we accept at

$5,000 for 25 Million Reach all the way up to our highest 3000 Million Reach. 25 Million Reach

means that the collective following of the influencers we use will be 25 Million. For example, we

can have 25 influencers with 1 Million Followers on Tik Tok post the song, or 12 influencers

with 2 Million Followers & 1 influencer with a Million. Any combination


Here are Reach Packages for the smaller Micro Campaigns:

Standard Micro - $7000:

15-25 influencers with a collective 25 Million Followers post the song

Advanced Micro - $8000:

25-30 influencers with a collective 25-30 Million Followers post the song

Premium Micro - $9,000

30-35 influencers with a collective 30-35 Million Followers post the song

Here are Reach Packages for the bigger Macro Campaigns:

Standard Macro - $20,000:

50 influencers with a collective 50 Million Followers post the song -

With 1 Macro Influencer (one of largest creators on the platform) over 10M Followers

Advanced Macro - $30,000:

75-100+ large influencers with a collective 110 Million Followers post the song

With 2 Macro Influencer (one of largest creators on the platform) over 10M Followers

Premium Macro - $40,000

150+ large influencers with a collective 175 Million Followers post the song

With 3 Macro Influencer (one of largest creators on the platform) over 10M Followers

Platinum Macro - $60,000

250+ large influencers with a collective 300 Million Followers post the song

With 5 Macro Influencer (one of largest creators on the platform) over 10M Followers

Why There Are Different Packages: The reason there are different packages is because while

reach and total followers is very important, what is also important is the number of influencers

who post the sound. The way Tik Tok works, even someone with 400K Followers can get a

video that gets 3 Million views. So the more influencers who post the sound, the more chances

you have that one of the influencers gets a viral video and millions of people hear the song.

For my team and I, the more influencers we hire for one campaign, the more our overall costs go

up and the more work it creates for us as we have to contact every single influencer, explain the

campaign, negotiate price, ensure they make the video by our deadline. Then we pay them and

make sure all video links and data tracking are sent to your team. More influencers, more work.

Campaign Phases and Timeline: We have gotten clients 25 Million reach in as fast as 48 hours,

meaning influencers with 25 Million collective Followers all got their videos posted in less than

2 days. That’s very hard to do in this business, we made it happen. So we can move quickly

which helps virality potential. It’s whatever the client prefers.

For longer campaigns, like 3 weeks long; in the first week we would focus on getting influencers

with 100K - 1 Million Followers only to post. Week 2 would be influencers with 500K - 1.5M

Followers posting and week 3 would be influencers with 1M - 10 Million Followers posting.

Why Choose Us: We have direct connections with over 300 of the top Tik Tok

Influencers in the world. We don’t go through their agents, we have agreements directly with the

talent and they prioritize the jobs we give them.

Price: Due to our direct relationships to the talent, we have negotiated the lowest prices in the

industry with these large influencers, far cheaper than their agencies bill them for and we pass

those saving on to our clients. No other digital media company is offering 25 Million+ reach for

the prices we offer, so you’re getting the best price in the industry.

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