★TikTok Ban / Takedown Service (Accounts & Videos) | VIP MEMBER★

TikTok Account and Video Removal Service :lock:

I specialize in the removal of TikTok accounts and videos. The process is straightforward—just provide me with the account’s username or a link to the specific video you’d like to have removed. :electric_plug:

Pricing: Varies, please reach out for a quote!

Turnaround Time (T.A.T): 1 - 3 days


  1. Username
  2. Frequently Asked Questions (F&Q)


1. What kind of ban is enforced?

  • The account will be permanently banned.

2. Can you guarantee that the account will never be unbanned?

  • No guarantees can be made, as there’s always a possibility that the account holder may have a means of recovery, such as assistance from a TikTok employee.

3. What types of profiles can you ban?

  • I can ban all types of profiles, including business, public, private, verified, and unverified accounts.
  • Literally, any profile can be targeted.

Feel free to contact me now, and let’s discuss your needs! :moneybag: