TIKTOK BYPASSES (2fa bypass / password reset / unlinking externals etc.) | DIAMOND CLUB MEMBER

Service type: Tiktok Bypasses

I have been operating on TikTok for more than 2.5 years, providing customers with a variety of services on this platform every day. Just write to me what you need and I’ll see what I can do about it. :speaking_head:

I have helped many clients with all sorts of services - from password resets to 2fa bypass. Check out my feedback to see. :star2:

[Removal Services]:

  • Remove Linked Number/Email [Without OTP]
  • Remove Linked external platform ‘such as google, facebook, twitter etc…

[Bind Service]:

  • Link any external platform to your account ‘such as google, twitter, appleid, etc…

[2FA Bypass Service]:

  • 2FA Log-in bypass
  • Turn off 2FA “NO-PWD Needed”

[Other Services]:

  • Password change ‘Without OTP’
  • Account birthdate change
  • Reset Password
  • Delete\Priavte Videos

If you need any other TikTok bypass - dm me. I will see what can be done. :handshake:

Price: starts $250 + fees :money_with_wings:

Time Frame: Below 72h :hourglass_flowing_sand:


why should you choose madej’s services?

  • reputable seller with diamond club / business tycoon badges,
  • over 210 positive reviews on SWAPD only,
  • over 340 tickets successfully completed on SWAPD only,
  • in the tiktok industry for over 2 years,

check my main thread with all listed services on tiktok
message me now and let’s do some business! :moneybag:
madej :100:


What abou tiktok locked account?

I have email,phone and instagram linked on account

Do you have Instagram bypasses?

Can you explain what you mean by this?

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Brother, I have an account with an old number without access, but the full number is not known either. Could you still do that job?

if you have an account that you can log in to, but you do not have access to the phone number and e-mail, I am able to change the phone number and e-mail to yours

hey bro contact me regarding this

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done :money_with_wings:

What abou tiktok locked account?

I have email,phone and instagram linked on account

i can’t unlock rn

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Keep me updated :repeat: if anything comes up

bump bump, some numbers have already been removed off-site! :raised_hands:


to the top, still doing :v: