Tiktok creativity program

does anyone know how to get my tiktok account into creativity program beta?

the account has 20k followers, 2M likes and around 500k views in the past 7 days

there is no option for it on creator tools

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is this account from USA??

it was made by someone in the USA but I am now in the eu using it. However I am still using USA Sim

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You have to ask someone From US to keep your account login into US region

it will not work with US Sim and also VPN? It works for me to reach US audience but maybe its different for this

option is available for USA

I see, thanks.

I’ll see what I can do and see if it works

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If you don’t have the option directly in Creator Tools but you are in the Creator Fund, you can do this by going to Creator Tools & Click on Creator Fund, then at the top you will see “Check your eligibility for Creativity Program Beta. Learn More”, Click Learn more and apply

I don’t see creator fund either unfortunately :cry::cry: but thanks