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FIRST ONSITE ACCOUNT VERIFIED!!! Come submit your qualified cases, today!

Come submit your cases.

The Giveaway ended and now it’s paid, I guess?

Correct, I did some free cases to help gain feedback on here. Now it is at a very reasonable price

I will be a little more flexible on musician but it MUST be north america. Contact me if interested

Bump, requirements are a bit looser now

Vouch for Bridge :heart: Was able to successfully verify an account after others failed. Highly recommend :slight_smile:

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Delivered another case, taking esports/gaming youtuber/musician requests!

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Bumping to the top


I can only do musicians and esports related

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Bump to the top need esports

Bumping send me your cases

Tiktok musician : followers important ?

Send me case. it depends

Bump come send me your cases

Bumping to the top

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Promo would be great :laughing: