TikTok Services For Creators & Businesses (EU ONLY) | Username claims / Verifications / Unbans / Hacked | Quick Turnaround time!

Service Type: Username claims, Verifications, Unbans
Payment method: USDT

DISCLAIMER: I can ONLY offer my services to media-related entities such as (athletes, musicians, politicians, and other personalities or businesses). Reaching out with other kinds of requests will be ignored. I suggest you reach out to other sellers here on Swapd who may be able to help.

Price: 2000$ (excl Swapd fees)


  • The associated email to the account
  • The desired username must be INACTIVE
  • You must already own the desired username on Instagram or YouTube
  • I require a screenshot of the linked Instagram or YouTube account where you already own the desired username

Price for creators: 3500$ (excl Swapd fees)
Price for businesses: 5500$ (excl Swapd fees)


  • You must have at least 3 public videos on the account
  • You must have an already verified Instagram or YouTube linked to the account
  • For businesses: I require an official registration document of the company

Price for creators: 2000$ (excl Swapd fees)
Price for businesses: 4500$ (excl Swapd fees)


  • The username of the account
  • The associated email to the account
  • The associated phone number to the account
  • Date when the account was banned
  • Screenshot of ban reason

Note: I may require some changes to the profile prior to submission. I select my clients carefully and always reserve the right to not jump into a ticket with you if I deem the account ineligible for submission.

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Your thread looks cool… GLWS! :purple_heart:

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when can you do U.S?

Won’t be soon unfortunately!

Okay lmk

I need unban

Feel free to send me a PM with all requested information from this topic so I can take a look.