TikTok User Claims & Verification [100% Success Rate]

Still offering this. Get your blue tick today.

Lots of interest but no one has come through just yet. Let’s get you verified today!

Currently in an open ticket.

Get your blue tick today.

Just verified another client.

HMU, I seem to be the only one delivering on SWAPD at the moment :slight_smile:

Any chance you can claim pages that are inactive on Instagram?

No sorry

I can confirm that he has successfully completed tiktok verification on SWAPD in less than a week.

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I’m the only person who can deliver atm! Hmu!

In another ticket, get your blue tick today :ballot_box_with_check:

Service is still going strong.

2 usernames have been claimed for offsite clients yesterday and about to close a ticket on here.


Closed another ticket on here. I’m the only one who can deliver at the moment. Hit me up.

Pm me

Replied to everyone, hit me up and claim your verification today.

Verified an off-site client within 3-4 hours today, open slots as of right now so let’s close some more deals.

Bringing this to the top, please read my listing properly before messaging me lol.

Brand new week, open for orders. Got requests from off-site clients so let’s get some done on here.

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Verified and claimed a username for a company yesterday. Taking on more orders, i’m the only one who can deliver :slight_smile:

Verified a client on here this morning in under an hour (45 minutes). 3-4 weeks who? Hit me up and get your blue badge today.

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Can confirm, the user has been very successful so far. Since this is the first TikTok service (on SWAPD) that’s unique and with a high success rate, we’re giving it the spotlight badge. Good luck with further sales, @Verdick.


You heard the guy ^

Have some potential orders lined up off-site. Let’s get some more done on here.