TikTok Username Claim Service

Hello SWAPD users, I am here to offer 2 types of TikTok Username Claims.

Deactivated usernames that appear like this:

Price: $500 + SWAPD fee.
Payment Method: Bitcoin only.

I can also claim inactive usernames if you own the matching username on Instagram, in this case the TikTok username must be inactive.

Price: $2000-$2500 + SWAPD fee.
Payment Method: Bitcoin only.

Bumping this up.

Good job farzad.

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Check this out!

Bumping this up.

Still doing claims.
Make sure the @ meets the requirements and message me.

I just got another username for @dustini!
Message me if you need something claimed.

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Super fast delivery as well. I’ll be using @Farzad again soon for this service. Highly recommend.

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Bumping this service up!

I am still doing claims.
Message me if interested!

Still doing claims hit me up!

Still doing this.

Bumping this up.

Still doing this!

Message me if you want any @s claimed that meet the requirements.

Bumping this up.

Check this out.

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