TikTok Verification and Username Claim - Super Fast

TIkTok Verification :white_check_mark:

Get Any Tiktok Account Verified (Personal or Business) Without being verified on any-other Platform

We will make PR for you. You simply need to fill the questionnaire and approve articles once they have been written by our writers.
Articles have to be written by us in our ristrected list of PR, so please don’t write saying that you have many articles, are verified in other platforms, etc. The PR bundle it’s full package with submission.
Press is Italian and works 100% with our verification method and for any accounts nationality

Price: $11k (+ SWAPD Fees)
TAT: 8/12 weeks


Get a new account verified on Desired Username :white_check_mark:

Get an already Verified Account on your Desired Username

• Possible any modification
• Comes with OGE
• (Accounts are verified on the Desired username | Most authentic way)

Price : $11k (+ SWAPD Fees)
TAT: 1/ 2 weeks (usually 5 days)


Username Claim

TikTok Username claim

We can take any username (5 or + letters), even of active users with less than 1000 followers

Price : $5k+ in relation to name complexity (+ SWAPD Fees)
TAT: 1/ 2 weeks (usually 5 days)

If anyone’s interested or has any questions, just send a PM!

No access required for any of these services
All Prices does not include SWAPD fees
Payment methods: Bank wire, USDT

First ticket Get Discount!

Pm me

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I am really confused with the pricing a verified tik tok account on your desired name is 11k$?


Yes… what is you concern about it?

sended u a dm

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Desired name accounts are selling on swapd for 2k. What is the benefit of paying 11k for yours?

I can get even name from active accounts with less than 1000 followers

That doesn’t really answer my question

I sell desired names at 5k+ not 11k

You should probably update your listing as it still says 11k

Maybe you refer to point 2 verified account with desired username

Again , here the plus is that others can just put available username… I can put any username


Got it, thanks for clarifying

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