TikTok Verification for Public Figures | BLUE CHECKMARK | BEST PRICING ON SWAPD


Service type: TikTok Verification for Public Figures
Price: Starting $1000 + SWAPD Fees
Send me cases and I"ll give you a real-time price quote
Description: Turnaround time up to 4 weeks. Usually 2 to 3 weeks.

Ideal Applicant

  • Good Follower Amount (50k+)
  • Active on the platform
  • Verified on other socials (i.e., Facebook / Instagram)
  • 5+ strong press interviews

What kinds of articles are you looking for in a case?

Interviews of the person and the field they’re known for

What level of PR? In terms of outlet reputation

Just not junk syndicated press or paid to place websites

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bump looking to get cases done!

What’s the price range ? Or first customers deal? I don’t see any price?

I don’t have a price set because it’s base on the application and my time. I’m the primary seller

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Dm and I’ll send you all my information

Is this service running ?


Dm please for details

PM sent

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