Tiktok Verification (Musicians, Public Figures, Influencers) FAST - $1999

$2k +fees

TAT has been pretty quick β€”24-72hrs upon submission.


Verification on at least 1 or more social platforms ideally (Instagram, Twitter)

3-5 Authority Press Articles. (You should have this if your verified on IG or Twitter already)

What I need from you :point_down:t3:

Username (@xxxx)
Sign-up date (month and year) - when was the account created?
Registered login location (city and country) - where was the account created?
Registered device (phone model, i.e. iPhone 8+) - what device was used to create the account?
Linked phone number
Linked email address
Linked Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Apple/Google account’s username

In addition, a .PDF from Tiktok will be provided for you to date and sign. This is required to process your verification.

Let’s get you verified!


Someone is on fire. GLWS!


:zipper_mouth_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::zipper_mouth_face::eyes:. Thanks man


Orders open!

Can you verify businesses?

For Entertainment only –– closest would be a Record Label or Music App or something.

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Couple cases done off site within 48hrs! Taking on more!

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