Tiktok Verification

Offering now tiktok verification

Requirements :
5 articles publised in the last 12 months (in english sources), on Websites with facebook, twitter or instagram page verified and you need one social verified – no brand voice, no sponsored tag, they must be published from a Contributor .

Price :
2500$ plus Swapd fee for public figures
4500$ plus Swapd fee for business

Plus swapd Fee

Method payment :
crypto / Usdt

Timeframe :
5-10 days (3 weeks on ticket)


Just for be sure you understand :

If you have Twitter or IG verified, no need pr or 1M followers

If you have 1M followers, no need pr or verification on Twitter or Ig



Did a couple offsite, and just launched here too

Good chances if you have any of the 3 options
Heavy hell if you match all of them

Great pricing & requirements. GLWS :heart:

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Thx u 🫶🏿

Terms updated :

We need 5 articles published on websites with facebook, or twitter, or instagram verified

1 ticket opened – will update everyone once we hear back :eye: :eye:

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GLWS my bro! :heart:

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3 ticket opened

Prices will be increased from next week If I get successfull

PM Sent!

Yo bro, any successful sale so far?

I just opened a couple here and we still wait to get some requirements for get them submitted

OFFSITE, yes obv did some before first to open a thread here

Alright, sending you some cases in a while


BUMP, still accepting case

bump - updated T&C

So if i have clients that has verified instagram you could do tiktok 100% rate? $2500 right?

Hey bro, so i’m confused.

You put “and you need one social verified”.

Then “Minium 1M followers”.

Then “We need 5 articles published”

Then “if you have Twitter or IG verified, no need for pr or 1M followers, if you have 1M followers, no need pr or verification on Twitter or Ig”.

Can you update the main post as I don’t quite understand the requirements? Are you saying you can only verify someone with 1 million+ followers?