TIME SQUARE BILLBOARD CHEAPEST ON SWAPD & (fastest Turn around time )Great For NFTS

Service type: Time square billboard at the following location below. Below you will see an example of what I have done for a panther nft project.


Billboard full information
Still image only
Up for 24 hours rotates around 30 times a hour
Usually done next business day if approved.
Dimensions 828*1260
Comes with photo / video proof of delivery. You can see example below the exact board is the panther nft project
No nudity , no substances alcohol
Cigarettes in the advertisement, no nudity etc no in appropriate wording.
No text that saids scan me if you have a QR code


How long will the ad be displayed?

Is it just a single push or it rotates throughout the hours/day?


Full day rotation with photo / video proof

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Just did an order for a client. Im still doing these if anyone needs one.


This topic is now a paid featured topic & will run until April 18th. GLWS!

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Just wanted to post another video we just did lets lock in some orders we can get filming started monday earliest

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Can you do music billboard signs? Like for a single dropping

Hey can you send more details? Thanks!

can i have also more info please…

Ofc duhhhh

Just read this just pmed some more information

i haven’t got any info yet so far from you !!!

Its not letting me send you a message as of now. But basic information is. This is the rate for an day the image usally rotates around 3o times in a hour for a day starting at 5pm eastern. Still image billboard not a video graphic billboard.

What file formats are allowed? By it not being video, can it be gif?

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As long as image is still. I have other locations where we can do motion pictures and videos but for a much larger rate.

Hey , Doing a special for next 24 hours price is only 800

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Marked premium, seller can deliver.

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hey could you send me list of other location possible

Can you send me more info