Tips and Guidance on Monetizing an Instagram/Facebook Page


Thought a thread with tips, tricks, and guidance from veteran to aspiring Instagram and Facebook page admins would be useful for all parties. So, in the form of a few common questions, I’ll get us started.

  1. What is the best way to generate income from an Instagram page with a high number of engaged followers?

  2. Are affiliate programs profitable, and worth the time investment?

  3. If your page is centered on Shoutouts/Promotions: Do you charge? How much? How do you receive payment? Did you meet resistance when you initially started to charge?

  4. E-mail lists: Worth the trouble?

  5. How do you court prospective sponsors?

  6. For more adult-oriented (18+) pages: Is monetization even possible?

Just a few things I’m sure many noobs to the field (myself included) would love to learn more about. Feel free to add any info you think would be effective/useful.


Moving this topic to chit chat, this section is for buying/selling only.

I don’t have time to answer your questions, but I will address #4. Email lists are worth it, and they’re one of the best ways to reach your clients/leads. Social platforms rise and fall, but people usually stick to their same email address, so having this ability to reach them any time is priceless. I can honestly say that my earnings increased tenfold once I started collecting emails.

I never spam though, I only send offers relevant to the niche they signed up for. You won’t believe how many times you can earn from the same inbox, sometimes for years. And that my friend, is priceless. Your only obstacles are spam filters, but use reputable emailers (like MailChimp) and you should be golden.


Ahhh and adult orientated accounts are very difficult to monetize with all the free adult content you have around the web. Only thing that comes to mind are dating offers, but that is also a difficult route.