Top Tier OG Instagram Handles List (Best on SWAPD, 10+)

Handle comes with OGE. All sorts of niches!

They come and go, don’t expect me to still have OG handles weeks from now. Listing a majority of the ones I have here as well as off-site. Best offer takes it.

Going to keep all of them in one thread now so it’s easier to manage.


Please send handles. Thanks


pm handles

Good stuff here. Good luck with sales.

PM me mate.

please pm handles

PM handles, cheers

pm handles :slight_smile:

Sent to all with verified ID.

Pm me please.

Sick handles!

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Thanks! Don’t message me if your budget doesn’t fall within the range stated above.

Please send me the handles


Pm me the handles please, haven’t received anything yet.


Handles please


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Pretty nice list. GLWS