Total Authority Package: PR + Interviews + Knowledge Graph

Service type: Authority & PR service
Price: $2500

Description: Hi Swapd,

We are offering our first service here on Swapd. We want to offer a complete package that covers all the bases for online authority. With these, you will be guaranteed a strong personal presence as these cover all the bases.

What does this include?

  • 10 articles with high DA websites (includes Yahoo News & IBTimes). The articles will be full features, all about you or your client, and we will write them for you. Your name will be in the headline of the articles and all the articles will have your picture too.
  • 2 interviews (Thrive Global if possible, we can do it for most people, but some topics may not be allowed. In that case, you would get another interview at another well ranked website.)
  • Google Knowledge Graph of your name / your clients name.

This is a Knowledge graph in case that you may be wondering what it is.

A new knowledge graph can sometimes take up to 30 days until it is fully showing for all the searches of your name, but we will send you a link once it is available.


What can I use this service for?
This is a great package for someone that has bad online reputation or someone with none or very little.

You can use it to get verified on social media, although I can’t guarantee you will get verified using this service as this is not the original purpose of the service. You can also use it for a Wikipedia page.

Who would this be for?
Entrepreneurs, musicians, anyone could benefit from this. It would be great for small business owners trying to make a name for themselves too.

Can you send me the list of the DA websites or see some samples?
Absolutely, just send me a DM.

How long does it take?
We will deliver all the articles within 7 days. We will do it faster if possible and certainly many times that’s possible as well. With the Knowledge Graph, it will usually be within 7 days as well, although it can take up to 30 days until Google indexes it for all the searches.

Payments: BTC.


Hey there,

Can you PM me some samples? Interested.


Absolutely, just PMed you!

Hey! Can you pm me the websites! Thanks

Of course, just PMed you!

Pls can you DM too

Just PMed you :+1:

Please do websites

PMed you with the list of sites & samples!

can i get the list of sites as well?

Please can you send me all the website details and samples too :slight_smile:

Same thanks!

Yo Id like to know the websites as well

PMed everyone!

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Talked with OP.

Good for PR. Not good for verification, or SEO in North America.


Thank you. This is not primarily a verification service and we had clients getting verified as well. Although, social media sites do change their rules over verification and we don’t have contact on social media sites, and again, this is not a verification service.

We are also limited with the price, we wanted to create a good, affordable package for people with smaller budgets. If this one does well, we will also sell other higher reputation articles as well (it would be more expensive, of course).

I appreciate the comment though, and I will personally do my best to keep upgrading the service with better sites as we go along.

Can you send me a list of all the pr sites and samples please thank you

Just sent it!

Hey, Can you pm me the websites very interested! Also the top tier ones as well! Thanks

Hello can you send samples!